By Angus Cross C’60 – While I have enjoyed Andy Little’s Flashbacks on growing up and coming of age in St. Lambert, I must point out that many of us did not fit that mould. I know that I was not alone in moving to St. Lambert from another area, and suddenly having to cope with a new town and school.

St. Lambert Revisited

By Angus Cross, C’60 – I have been back to St. Lambert only four times in the last forty-eight years. All four occasions have been in the last ten years. In June of 2005, my wife, Joanne (Lemke) C’60, and I drove up from Halifax to attend Reunion 2005. I hadn’t been to St. Lambert since 1962 and, quite frankly, had not missed the place.

Yachting! In St. Lambert?

By Angus Cross, C’60 – Several things occurred the summer of 1958, which changed things for our family. The “old man” decided to buy a yacht. We went out to the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club in Dorval and inspected a 52 foot motor cruiser named “Kona”.