Chambly Academy 2007

Some very needed improvements greeted students when they returned to class in September 2007

Sports field in back of school building. (P.Peets)

Alumni Co-Chairman Harvey Carter and former school principal Bernie Praw share a laugh. (P.Peets)

Alumni, past and future? gather. (P.Peets)

Outside the gymnasium between the front and back hallways. (P.Peets)

Front view of Chambly Academy - 2007

Alumni Association Bulletin board in main hall of school

Ian K. Hume Memorial Basketball Court - A project spearheaded and funded by your alumni association, with additional funding from a donation by CNR.

May, 2007 - Chambly Academy students utilizing the new court

Following are some pictures sent in by teacher, Michael Supino indicating the lunch conditions at the school, before and after the association constructed and set up 11 picnic tables next to the basketball court area. Michel described the before scenario as something seen in a "third world country"