Ice Storm - January 1998

Jacques Cartier Bridge. Men work to remove ice build up after the great Ice Storm of January 1998.
Traffic was not allowed to cross bridge for several days until all ice was removed. (Gazette)

Desaulniers Blvd. - City crews spent weeks scraping and grading all city sidwalks and streets in order to remove 6" thick ice. (Gazette)

Stanley St. Hydro crews were brought in from Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts to assist Hydro-Quebec. (Gazette)

Rue d'Alsace. - Not a single tree was left undamaged. (W.Mackenzie)

Rue de Gascogne Branches had to be cut and piled along the front of all properties to await city pick up.
This home owner had to remove the entire tree due to damage. (W.Mackenzie)

In St. Lambert flat surfaces had up to 6" thick coverage.
Less, but still thick and heavy on all lines, branches, twigs. (W.Mackenzie)