CCHS/CA Alumni Association Constitution

Article I – Name, Address and Purpose

  • Section 1. The name of the association shall be the Chambly County High School & Chambly Academy Alumni Association (hereafter CCHS & CA Alumni Association)
  • Section 2. The association's Head Office shall be situated at: 675 rue Green, St.Lambert, Quebec, Canada, J4P 1V9
  • Section 3. The purpose of this association shall be to unite the alumni in closer bonds of fellowship; to aid in maintaining a sense of mutual responsibility between the School and its alumni; to aid in disseminating information to all alumni about the Association, its membership and the School; to provide financial assistance to selected graduating students; and, to provide funding for various school programs and projects

Fund raising activities undertaken by the Association to support these objectives will be global in nature although mainly confined to Canada

Article II – Membership

All those who have attended or have been employed by CCHS & CA or its precedent schools will be eligible for membership Honorary memberships may be conferred upon deserving persons at the discretion of the Board of the CCHS & CA Alumni Association. Membership is obtained by paying an annual fee set by the Board of the Alumni Association and includes benefits such as a monthly update on activities and cost reductions and/or special offers on goods and services offered by the Alumni Association.

Membership will be available to former students and employees throughout the world although the vast majority will be drawn from Canada.

Article III – Alumni Board of Directors

There shall be an Alumni Board of Directors nominated by the founding directors and elected by the members of the members. These directors shall perform the duties prescribed by the bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Board and shall meet at least three times each year.

Article IV – Bylaws

The Board of Directors of the Alumni Association shall adopt bylaws, which shall be consistent with the constitution. Such bylaws may contain any provision necessary for the orderly administration of the Association and its affairs including but not limited to, the governing authorities, officers, elections, and meetings. Provided that there should be any inconsistency between the constitution and the bylaws, the constitution shall prevail.

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