Sports Fields

Lesperance St. Football matches were always played at the Lesperance Field. (A.Little)

Lesperance St. School and CSA Track & Field Meets were always staged at Lesperance Park. (A.Little)

Lesperance St. Elementary School field days at Lesperance Park. (A.Little)

Lesperance St. The Youth Center also better known as "The Pit" sometimes suffered high water.
Here Tom ("The Cave" and "Tomsicle" fame) turns his back on the scene. (A.Little)

Lesperance St. Lesperance Park adjacent to the Brookline Tennis Courts
at the top of Walnut Ave. (A.Little)

Lesperance St. The Football Practice field, and in winter outdoor ice hockey rink
at corner of Lesperance St. and Oak Ave. (A.Little)