About The CCHS/CA Alumni Association

The Chambly County High School & Chambly Academy (hereafter CCHS & CA) Alumni Association is the alumni association of the more than 7,000 alumni of CCHS/CA and its preceding institution St. Lambert High School. If you attended or were an employee of one of these institutions you are automatically eligible to become a member of the CCHS & CA Alumni Association.

The goal of the CCHS & CA Alumni Association is to foster long-term relationships with its alumni through its various programs and activities. Its mission is to enable alumni, students, staff, and friends of CCHS/CA to maintain their contact with the school and each other for their shared benefit and the vital support and development of the school.

Fund-raising for the Alumni Association is to be accomplished in an entrepreneurial fashion, and creative suggestions from alumni will be welcomed. Some suggestions have been an annual golf tournament, a bowl-a-thon, an annual alumni directory with advertising, allowing advertising on e-mails from the Board, alumni website, and additional benefits for those who choose to become supporting or sustaining members of the Alumni Association, much like becoming a member of Public Broadcasting (as in PBS or TVO). There is also the possibility of enlisting corporate memberships or sponsorships, which would have the sponsor's logo appear on Association correspondence whether written or by e-mail.

Membership is obtained by paying the annual fee (currently $20.00) and additional benefits include monthly reports on activities and reduced fees for services, goods or events organized by the Alumni Association.

A major goal of the Association is to organize further all-years and single year reunions, which have proven immensely popular with alumni. Reunions have been held  in Saint Lambert in 2005, 2010, and the last one in May of 2015, and many classes have organized single-year reunions.

Our goal is to communicate with every possible alumnus or staff member and provide them with information about the Alumni Association, the School, and their fellow alumni. A member of the Board shall be designated Class Contact Coordinator and their role would be to organize and support the efforts of class contacts in our ongoing search for fellow alumni.

We must also encourage alumni to assist the current school, by making the alumni more aware of both the challenges faced by the modern school, and how the school is reacting positively in its academic function as well as community involvement.

60 years ago, in addressing South Shore citizens during the Chambly County High School Graduation Exercises, Mr. C.J. Green, Chairman of the St. Lambert Protestant School board stated: “The thought occurred to me that it would be a splendid idea if each graduating class could maintain contact with their fellows through the years. This could be done possibly by a Graduates Society through the School Annual. If, for instance, each member sent in his or her annual dues, say two or three dollars, one dollar to pay for the annual, the balance to set up a Graduates' Scholarship Fund” Later that same evening the Principal Supervisor, Mr. Hobart G Greene stated that he hoped to see an Alumni Association formed in the “not too distant future”. The Suburban News – October 26th, 1950

It may not have been "in the not too distant future", but on Monday. December 12th 2005 an Alumni Association was officially created and those present at the meeting adopted a set of Bylaws and a Constitution.

Become A Member of The Association

In addition to supporting the goals of the CCHS & CA Alumni Association (a great cause in and of itself), membership has a number of benefits including access to all password protected content on this website, including back issues of our monthly newsletter Alumni Connections, Alumni Flashbacks, Who's Who Directory, Contact info and biographies for Fellow Classmates, and discounts on some reunion events Members must login to utilize these features.

A variety of individual and family membership plans are available. If you are not a member please consider joining us today.