On a brilliant winter morning, perfect for jogging through Preville-en-bas, Bruce captured this view of the bend where rue d’Auvergne joins rue d’Anjou. Photo by Bruce Field, taken Feb. 2, 2012.

The oldest house in Preville. The old original houses along Riverside Drive in St. Lambert were built a few years before those seen a couple of miles upstream. They were also built facing the St. Lawrence River, whereas those upstream were built backing onto the river. Each of these homes had direct access to the river, and all one had to do was head out the back door, cross their lawn, down the embankment and walk right into the nice clean stream, just 25-30 feet away. Most of these houses had their own docks and motor boats, of which the owners and most of their neighbours made good use. Today, the St. Lawrence is close to 1/2 mile away, separated by highway #32 and the St. Lawrence Seaway.The weather has been so poor this Spring giving very few opportunities to capture the lovely views our City has to offer. This day our photographer, Bruce, has made very good use of the break, capturing this old house in Preville. Photo by Bruce Field, taken May 10, 2011.

The Country Club of Montreal, getting ready to open another great season, was one of the very first private golf clubs in Québec when it was founded in 1910. The course the CCM offers you is the result of more than 100 years of care, maintenance, changes and upgrading. Superbly maintained fairways bordered with fully matured trees, planned water hazards, intimidating sand traps and some of the best kept greens in Québec immerse you in an enchanting and relaxing setting. This has been the home to many St. Lambert and Chambly County High alumni who while playing here became golf champions, Mike Barber C-'55, Don Alexander C-'55 and Ken Souter C-'56 to name a few. Photo by Bruce Field, taken April 6, 2011.