The family, friends, and colleagues of Ed Bates, CCHS Class of 1962, together with colleagues at Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman, are establishing an endowed award at UBC’s Allard School of Law in Ed’s honour. As you know, Ed died in July 2017. We feel it is fitting to remember him and his many contributions to Public Law in British Columbia and Canada with the Edward D. Bates, Q.C. Award in Public Law. This annual award of $1,200 will support a law student who demonstrates interest in the practice of Public Law.

Ed joined the Legal Services Department of the Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia (now WorkSafeBC) in 1974. In 1985, he was appointed Director of Legal Services and in 1988, was appointed General Counsel/Secretary. He remained with WorkSafeBC until his retirement in 2015. He gave sound advice to 16 CEOs during 41 years of service, in a politically sensitive role. Ed was responsible for the initial implementation of the Criminal Injury Compensation Act of British Columbia, which provides compensation to victims of crime in British Columbia. Ed worked tirelessly for the occupational health and safety of workers, and his leadership led to compensation recovery efforts on behalf of injured or deceased workers, including those who inhaled asbestos fibers. This initiative was at the forefront of ridding the workplace of asbestos-containing materials so that future workers’ lives would not be impaired or lost as a result. Similarly, Ed was at the vanguard of public hearings and then the regulatory changes necessary to rid the workplace of smoking. This campaign was met initially with strong opposition, but its success ensured that BC workers are spared the ravages of secondhand smoke.

In 2004, Ed was awarded the John Tait Award of Excellence, for exemplary public legal service in Canada. This award celebrates a legal practice of support and service to clients/employers such as government, boards, commissions, and beyond that to the Canadian citizens they serve. In 2012, Ed was named Queen’s Counsel, in recognition of his exceptional merit and contribution to the legal profession. He will be remembered for his honesty, integrity, impeccable ethics, quiet sense of humour and dry wit.

The link below will show you a description of the award, a photograph taken of Ed on the occasion of his being awarded the John Tait Award of Excellence, and another photograph on the occasion of his being named Queens Counsel.

We have $21,000 in pledges and our goal is to reach $30,000! We hope you will follow this link, and join us in honouring Ed and supporting students. All donations are tax deductible.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Submitted by Sharon Salloum C'63

Judith Ellen Kozak (nee Storen) [age 69]

Jude made her way up the yellow brick road on Wednesday, November 23, 2016, in Trenton, ON. She spent her final days at home surrounded by her loved ones. Jude was born on January 9, 1947 in Montreal, QC, to the late Irene (Storen) Bedford and John Alexander Storen. She is survived by her husband of 36 years, Glenn Kozak; two daughters, Jennifer Barnett (Andrew) and Julie Neff (Calum); three granddaughters, Autumn, Alessandra, and Holland; brother Peter, and sisters, Carol and Laurie Storen. She will be fondly remembered by her extended family and her loyal circle of friends. Her amazing courage and strength were an inspiration to us all. At Jude’s request her remains were donated to Queens University Medical School in Kingston, ON. A celebration of life will be held in the spring/summer of 2017. In lieu of flowers the family has requested donations to your charity of choice.

Submitted by Carol Storen C'60

In memory of Howard Victor Holloway C'61 who passed away on October 20, 2005.

I wish that US baseball leagues had scheduled the World Series more often during the year and not only in the Fall. Each year these games gave Howard Holloway (class of '61) the pretext for creating a little havoc in the classroom: those blue eyes sparkling with laughter and mischief, he grinned, cajoled and pleaded until our teachers gave in sometimes to let us actually listen to the games on the radio (who thought ahead to bring a transistor to class?), more often to just tune into the score. Either way, the classroom rhythm was interrupted and we enjoyed a few minutes of R&R. With his Mad Magazines, his jokes, his pranks and those beautiful eyes, he touched those difficult teenage years with laughter and friendship, making them easier and more fun. Thank you, my friend.

Submitted by Karin St. Dennis (Pasanen) C'61

In Memory of Michael Madden C'73

My memories of Mike are exceptionally clear. He was a unique spirit, walking the halls with his six string guitar slung over his shoulder singing the Arlo Guthrie hit 'Alices Restaurant'. His perpetual iconic smile is probably his single most memorable feature. He always looked like he was enjoying a joke the rest of us had simply missed. Maybe he was. He embraced life like a cat with 10,000 lives and a get out of jail free card. Nothing was too dangerous and nothing was off limits. He spent time as a fisherman, and a provincial policeman in New Brunswick, even being wounded in the performance of his duty there. The last time I saw Mike he had managed to secure tickets for the Premiere of Chariots of Fire, which I and my wife attended with him. His laugh was infectious to the last. The summer of 1981 was the last time I saw Mike, and since learning of his death a few years back, I cannot help but wonder if he enjoyed his life as much as we enjoyed having him in ours. Mike you are missed… and now, at long last, you are remembered..

Submitted by Mike Harding

Winnifred Marie Ferrie (nee Bridgeman), Winnifred or "Win" as she liked to be called was a woman ahead of her time.

Extremely intelligent, exceptionally organized, artistically talented with her beautiful sewing, quilting and knitting. After 17 years she re entered the work force at age 45 while her generation of women were stay at home Moms. She was secretary treasurer of the St Lambert school board then Manager of Accounting at the South Shore Regional School Board. During her working years Win also gave much of her time unselfishly to her community:

She was a founding member of the St Lambert Curling Club. President of the Business Curling ladies as well as working on the entertainment and day ladies committee. She curled 2 nights a week as well as playing in many area Bonspiels Her love of curling stayed with her. She knew all of the current Canadian participants whom she faithfully watched on TV, including this past year.

She was a Member of the Girl guides of Canada Member of the St Lambert Ballet where she was in charge of costuming both designing and sewing. Treasurer of the South Shore Music Festival President of the South Shore Quilter's Guild President and volunteer of the St Lambert Council for Seniors Member of the Canadian Women's Club both in Montreal and in Calgary.

Longtime active member of the St Barnabas Anglican Church of St Lambert..Worked as Choir Mother overseeing the the Junior Choir, a sunday school teacher, member of the evening guild, President of the afternoon guild, member of the alter guild as well as volunteering for various church activities.Loved to play Bridge and did so throughout her life.Was known for being a great cook and entertainer. Could throw a fabulous party and did so often.Avid sports fan watching and supporting her Montreal Canadians in hockey and Allouette's in football.

Win's energy was unending. She was amazing at how much she could fit into her day while working full time and taking care of her family. Not having a drivers license she had to walk or take a bus everywhere she went. She was always well read, well informed and current. Did the Newspaper crossword puzzle daily. Did her banking, bill paying, taxes, keeping in touch with her friends online into her 90's until her eyesight failed. After retiring she travelled throughout Europe and Asia. At age 84 moved to Calgary. There she joined St Peter's Anglican Church and Bridge Club. Also a Member of Calgary Newcomer's Club and Nu-Grads Club. Win's incredible work ethic, intelligence, strong will, spirit and determination is a rich legacy for her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

In Memory of Donald E. Watt C'49

Don, a St. Lambertan through and through, was a keen hockey player, playing on both municipal teams as well as the Senior high school team, also served the school and his classmates as their Student Council President, graduating in the Class of 1949. He then enrolled at McGill University and later at the University of New Brunswick where he obtained his Master's Degree in Education.

Knowing and loving the South Shore communities where we grew up, Don went to work within the region right away and moved among the school system becoming principal of St. Stephen's School in Chambly, then a little closer to home, became principal of Royal George School in Greenfield Park. He then moved from there to become vice-principal and then principal of Howard S. Billings High School in Chateauguay, where we spent the rest of our lives together.

Like so many people in the 1950's Don & I married quite young and as a result spent 50 wonderful years together, raising our own family and thoroughly enjoying the 10 grandchildren they produced. Following Don's retirement, we started spending most of our winters in Florida, returning to Chateauguay for the summers, but with plenty of travelling whenever and wherever we could.

Those who got to know and appreciate Don well recognised him as a man to whom fairness and reason were highly important. We all think about him a lot and miss him very much.

Submitted by Janice (Caron) Watt C'53

In Memory of Donald Hasting C'68

Don Hastings and I were inseparable from Grade 5, when as a newcomer to St. Lambert, I sat in front of him in Elspeth Fraser's class, which was arranged in alphabetical order. We discovered The Beatles together in 1963, and went on to form one of the dozens of bands spawned at CCHS in the '60s, playing several times at Cafe Twilight in the St. Barnabas Church Hall. Don went to become a high school principal, and passed away in 2005. He is sadly missed by all who knew his warmth and compassion.

In Memory of Jody Drouin C'87

Remembering Jody, taken from us all far too soon in his young life. “Hey, hey, what can I do? ” played at the funeral, and said it all. You are still missed, dear Friend.

Submitted by Classmate Byron Phillips

In Memory of William (Bill) Phillips C'65

He died in 2005 of cancer. He leaves his wife Julie, his daughter Robyn, his son Michael and grandson Ethan. Bill lived in Burlington ON and was very involved in the sport of Precision Skating as organizer of several events including Skate Canada and as a judge. For the kid who never really learned to skate until he was in his teens, he was highly regarded in the Skate Canada community.

Submitted by Rae Phillips (sister-class of 1964)

In Memory of David J. Kennedy C'65

David J. Kennedy fought a valiant struggle with pancreatic cancer for 2 l/2 years and passed away on December 12, 2006, at the age of 47. He is survived by his wife Tammie, and five children, Angela (11), Alistair (8), Andrew (6), Aaron (4), and Ashley (2). His father, Jack Kennedy, was a teacher at Chambly County in the early 60's, and his sister Cynthia(74), and brothers Wayne(80) and Paul(84), are alumnis from CCHS. David was an Electrical Engineer and computer program designer, but more importantly, an incredibly wonderful dad.

Submitted by Cynthia Horst (sister)

In Memory of Clark Jamieson C'75 (1958-2006)

My brother passed away in Prince George, BC on May 11th 2006 just two months after his 48th birthday after a short fight with cancer. Clark spent the last 20 or so years in Prince George working in retail and later on with troubled youths in the Judicial system teaching them life and coping skills. He is survived by his brother Alastair.

Submitted by Alastair Jamieson (brother)

In Memory of Michael Wallis C'65

Classmate and friend - As one with very fond memories of CCHS it is my sad duty to tell you that Michael Wallis, class of 65, has passed away at his home in Nelson, B.C. He graduated from Miss McKay's class. After graduation Michael pursued a career as a writer and a free spirit, spending most of his time in B.C but also travelling in South America and the far East. He was a very loyal friend and will be missed by all that knew him, especially his brothers, Tom and Richard and sister Rebecca.

Submitted by Reid Davis, CCHS Class of 65 (Miss Montgomery)

In Memory of James L. Coons C'68

Jim was well known in the St. Lambert area and sadly passed away in the fall of 1986. He was a good friend and we all had lots of laughs with him.

Submitted by Dave Underwood

In Memory of Kathy Elliot C'77

Our classmate and friend, Kathy Elliot, died on February 19, 1979 after an extremely brief battle with cancer. She had just turned 19 and had so much life left to live. Her friends were shocked that someone so young with so much life in her, could be gone so quickly. We thought we were invincible. She changed forever how we appreciate our lives one day at a time. Sorely missed by her classmates.

Submitted by Pam Parsons, Lana Skene, Kim Dever, Gillian Collis, Maureen McClintock

In Memory of Gayle Hutchison C'77

Friend Gayle Hutchison passed away on September 28, 2002, after a long, very courageous battle with cancer. I have so many wonderful memories of Gayle in high school, and for 26 years after high school. She was such a wonderful, loyal friend, and I miss her very much.

Submitted by Kathy Ferguson

In Memory of Robin Barrett C'73

My Sister, Robin Barrett would have graduated with the Class of 1973. She died in October, 1972, days shy of her 16th birthday, leaving those who knew her amazed that such a bold light could be extinguished when we weren't looking. She used to stand straight up on the very top of Alexandra Park's monkey bars. That's how I remember her: tall and unafraid.

Submitted by Cindy (Barrett) McCammon

In Memory of Steve Thomas C'74

Everyone that you meet in life has an impact on you and changes you in some way, large or small, to make you what you are. Steve was one of the people in my life who had a large impact, and has had a lot to do with how I approach everything I do, every day. Ironically he was not able, for reasons that may never be certain, to ultimately cope with all that life threw at him back in 1980, and took his own life one gloomy night in Montreal. A lot of Steve lives on in those that knew him, and I can say for sure that I would not be "who I am" if I had not met Steve. Not one day goes by that I don't think of him, and wish he were here.

Submitted by Gord Croucher C'74

In Memory of Chris Ruiter C'70

I remember Chris Ruiter very well as a Total James Dean character even though he graduated a couple years ahead of me. I was a friend of Phil Ruiter his younger brother… Chris was tough as nails and did everything his way… Great Guy and was instrumental in saving my ass in a couple of fights with the Greenfield Park Gangs…

Submitted by Stephen C.G. Rappard

In Memory of Brent MacKenzie C'73

Brent MacKenzie passed away from a heart attack March 6, 2001. He was a wonderful brother and a friend to many. He enjoyed the last reunion very much and I know he would have been at this one if he could have made it.

Submitted by Lynn MacKenzie

In Memory of Lesley Beaman C'83

Our friend and classmate, Lesley Beaman, died on January 26 2003 after a courageous battle with cancer. She showed amazing grace throughout her journey. Lesley was a loving mother, and a strong and inspirational woman. She is fondly remembered and missed by many.

Submitted by Alison Fraser and Helen Roditis

In Memory of Kelly McGowan C'75

In loving memory of our dear friend Kelly. Musician, singer, artist, dancer, midwife, free spirit - wife, mother, sister and friend. A woman of many talents, Kelly passed away in 2001 after a bravely fought battle with breast cancer. We miss you Kelly....

Submitted by Cindy, Jayne and Catherine

In Memory of Paul Douglas Schram C'64

My brother Paul Douglas Schram died February 24, 1993 after a year long battle with cancer. Paul attended Chambly County High in the mid sixties for grades 8 through 10. After a run-in with a concept called subject promotion, Paul moved on to Stanstead College. He was a Constable for several years with the Peel Regional Police Force in Brampton, sold insurance for a while, then returned to the civilian side of the Police Service. Prior to his death he had established Peel's 911 service and continued on as co-ordinator. I'm sure Paul had many friends who moved on to graduate from Chambly County High. And yes, he loved cars right to the bitter end. I am saddened to read the names of some of my former classmates who have passed away as well, and wonder what they accomplished after they left school. So here I am, providing someone out there with just a glimpse of Paul's life.

Submitted by Gary Schram C'63

In Memory of Mary Patricia "Tish" Coghlan (Gill) C'72

Tish passed away quietly on March 17th after a hard battle with cancer. She was a terrific person with a very big heart and a beautiful smile. She could make anyone laugh!! Thanks, Holly.

Submitted by Holly Newland (nee Bradbury)

In Memory of Kathleen (Kathee) Joyce Kilburn C'64

Kathy fought cancer for several years. She wanted to be at the door of Reunion 2005 to greet everyone. Unfortunately she lost the battle. But she will be right there beside us every day of the Reunion. She is remembered with much love by Patricia Wylie (Patti) and Nick Brenner, her family and many friends from CCHS.

In Memory of Shannon L. Batley C'62

Shannon died Oct. 21, 1995 in Moncton City Hospital after a courageous battle with brain cancer. From September 1969 to January 1990 Shannon taught business subjects at Alexander Galt Regional High School in Lennoxville, Qc. In June of that year she moved with her husband, on his retirement from teaching, to New Brunswick. She is buried in St. John's cemetery in Brookbury, QC.

Submitted by David Cochrane, <a href=""></a>, husband.

In Memory of Sandra Reid (Elliot) C'72

Sandra, at the age of 46, after a brave fight with cancer, passed away at the North Bay General Hospital on Saturday, October 20, 2001. She leaves to mourn her, beloved husband Kirk and her son Jarrett, sister Statia (Flynn) of Winnipeg her mother Ann Harris, Mt. Uniacke, Nova Scotia, her father Reed Elliot, Winnipeg, stepsister Gail (Arthur) and Bonnie (LaPierre) of Nova Scotia, Heather (Noel) of Kansas, her mother-in-law Barbara Reid and the Reid family. Sandra was predeceased by her stepfather Jack Harris. Sandra graduated from Concordia University, Montreal, Engineering Class of 1982.

In Memory of Clyde Brethour C'71

Clyde passed away December 5, 2004 at fifty years of age. A quiet, decent classmate and a good athlete. He pitched a no-hit no-run game for Brossard against the St.Lambert Mets in I believe 1967 at age 13. I remember as I struck out three times against him, and had never seen a fastball like Clyde's before. A modest guy, although he had been a classmate for years, he had never mentioned that he was a star baseball pitcher, and he was a gentleman after the game as well. My condolences to his family.

Submitted by Jack Anderson

In Memory of Carol Jones C'84

Carol Jones died on November 1, 2003, at the age of 36, after a long 9 year battle with breast cancer. Fondly remembered by Jennifer Murray and Vanna Fonsato

In Memory of Sophie Jordanou C'84

Classmate Sophie Jordanou, fondly remembered by Pamela Storr - Passed away in Montreal, on December 14, 1999, at the age of 32.

In Memory of Carole Jones and Sophie Jordanou

It is with great regret that I read the passings of Carole Jones and Sophie Jordanou, both I knew well and will remember forever in my heart of minds. May I offer my condolensces on behalf of my family to all their family members, they will remain young in our minds forever.

Submitted by Jimmy Gianiosis (84)

In Memory of Suzanne Home C'72

Passed away in a car Accident in 1996

In Memory of Lois McArthur C'73

Passed away in May 2000. Forever loved and remembered by her sister and brother, Carol and Peter

In Memory of Sherrill Katherine (Fisher) Williams C'57

Sherrill died in 1991, while still a young mother of three. I have not forgotten her sense of humour and enthusiasm.

Submitted by Lilian

In Memory of Michael Home C'67

Passed away from cancer in 2003. - In Loving Memory of my Aunt and Uncle.

Submitted by Kimberley O'Donnell C'97

In Memory of Shelley Leushner C'72

Shelley Leushner died June 28, 2003 after a lengthy illness. She actually went to the last reunion and had told me she had a wonderful time, she had wanted me to go with her but unfortunately I didn't. Her old friend Maureen (Cartmell) Smithers, forever in our hearts and memories of school and Waubamik.

In Memory of Francis Cecil Findlay C'47

Francis Cecil Findlay - Football Coach South Shore Combines in 50's. Died August 12, 2000, his wife, Janice Watson, died August 19, 2000. Greatly missed by the family.

Submitted by Kathleen (Kay) Findlay

In Memory of Winnie Patel C'96

She passed away of an unfortunate accident a few years later while we were all in college at Champlain Regional, and were all very devastated to hear the news. I would like to say that even though she often went unnoticed and was very shy, she left a hole in all of our hearts and will always be remembered.

Submitted by the Class of 1996

In Memory of Charles (Christie) Bannister - Teacher

Charles (Christie) Bannister - Passed away peacefully on February 7, 2004 at the age of 66. Remembered by Crystal Rose Hurlbert: Mr. Bannister was a wonderful teacher of mine who will be greatly missed.

In Memory of Arthur James Smith -Teacher

Arthur James Smith - Taught at CCHS from 1955 to ? passed away June 2004. My first teacher at CCHS and a fellow Nova Scotian.

Submitted by Angus Cross C'60

In Memory of E.Y. Templeton - Principal

Died April 13, 2000

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