St. Lambert's Churches

This Church Bulletin from Christmas 1913 was relayed to us by Barbara-Ann Smith, daughter of Phyllis Mackie (Ingmire) C-'38

1925-1927 Both St. Lambert Methodist and St. Cuthbert’s Presbyterian churches operate as part of the new United Church of Canada.
The two St. Lambert churches formally merged in 1927 becoming St. Lambert United Church. The congregation held services in the former St. Cuthbert’s building while the Sunday School met in the former Methodist church building.

Green St. St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. (H.Carter)

Desaulniers Blvd. The Baptist Church. (H.Carter)

Desaulniers Blvd. The United Church of Canada, corner of Mercille. (W. Plumb)

Lorne Ave. St. Barnabas Anglican Church. (H.Carter)

Lorne Ave. - Old Catholic Church. (H.Carter)

Notre-Dame St. - St. Francis of Assisi. (H.Carter)

Victoria Ave. - Good Shepherd Lutheran. (H.Carter)

Tiffin Road - Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. (H.Carter)

Queen Blvd. - St. Thomas Aquinas. (H.Carter)