St. Lambert High Alumni from the 1930's

Class of 1936

Back row L-R: Dick Anderson, Donald Quelrne, Marie Wardle, Geoffrey Murray, Gordon ??, Bob Bailey, Gordon Huhn, Fred Allen, Boyd Dunning, teacher - Miss Marion MacKenzie, Harry Darley, Austin Taylor, Don Gunn, George Charron, Rob Berry, Ron McLean, Bill Orchid

Middle row L-R: Muriel Wardle, Mary McRae, Muriel Rogers, Eleanor Charron, Audrey Meyer, ?? Irving, Betty Chalmers, Jean Wyatt

Front row L-R: Edgar Scott, Kelley Park, Audrey Irving, Isobel Mayor, May Mathews, June Bourne, Lorna Scott, Ruth Raymond,

Alison Cote Photo and names supplied courtesy of Sandy Belliveau (Milne) C'68

I got this photo from my Aunt, Betty grandfather owned Chalmers drugstore until he died in 1938 at the age of 55 due to infection caused from an operation to remove kidney stones. My things have changed.

Margaret Pendelbury's Class in 1935

Margaret Pendelbury's Class in 1935

Back row - Billy Giovette, Miss Pendelbury, Norm Ahern, Alex Munro, Mickey McGuire, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Gordy Upstone and Andrew Martin

Second row from top - Clifford Wilkes, ?, Dave Leyland (partially hidden) ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? and ?

Front row - Barclay Gibb, Ross McConnell, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Ross Smith and ?

(Photo provided by Ross McConnell C-'45)

St. Lambert High Graduating Class - 1931

Back Row L. to R.: J.Owen Phillips. Jack Nicholson, Paul Favreau, Vic Gordon, Gerry Fitt, Bob Harrison, Walter Laduke, George Smiley, Doug Innis

Middle Row L to R.: Teacher Miss Marion MacKenzie

Front Row L. to R.: 3rd from left, Charlie Darley, 7th from L Jean McFadyen, 8th from L Marj McConnell, 9th from L. Mildred Hadwin, 10th form L. Marjorie Whitelaw, 12 from L. Margeurite Cole, end of row Adeline Whitcomb

Others: Grace D'Alnenas, Nora Irwin, Kay Bigelow, Marthe Michaud - 2 names missing (Photo provided by Bob Smiley)

Phyllis Mackie (Ingmire) C'38 with granddaughter, Kim

Phyllis Mackie (Ingmire) C'38 with granddaughter, Kim, at White Rock beach, BC.
Picture taken taken in January 2008 by daughter Barbara-Ann Smith (Mackie) C'74

Class of 1938

St. Lambert High School – Class of 1938

Top row, L. to R.: Allan Hammond, John Saunders, Bob Smith, George Bradwell, Arthur Berry, Allan Vroom and John Proctor.

Second row, L. to R.: Muriel Russell, Doris Jardine, John Oulton, Phyllis Ingmire, Isobel Hunter, Frances Mavor, Mary Nicholls, Dominica Sandwell, Nettie Bogie, Irene Norman, Kay Brown, Pauline Ritchie, Rob Smiley, Mary Lanning and Irene Packard.

Third row, L. to R.: Joan Walker, Thelma Turner, Agnes McMath, Marjorie Pyper, Betty Ross, Miss Clarke (teacher), Mr. Brough (teacher), Eunice Bunn, Mary Meyer and Iris “Babs” Sauerbrunn.

Front row, L. to R.: Larry Coppelstone, John Leyland, Bob Church, Donald Hall, Donald Murray and Neil McKinnon

Wally Charron and his sister Eleanor in Ottawa - 1939 (W.Charron)

1979 Province of Quebec Senior Men's championship team

L. to R.: Lloyd MacKean, Eric Fowler, Moe Sears (Skip), and Wally Charron, representing the 1979 Province of Quebec Senior Men's championship team from the St. Lambert Curling Club. (H.Carter)

St. Lambert High School – Class of 1939

St. Lambert High School – Class of 1939

FRONT ROW – kneeling: Edgar Thwing, Jim Robertson, Clare Peterkin, Al Smith, Adam Saunders, Neil Johnson, Hedley Doull, Reid Johnson.

SECOND ROW: Jean Morrison, Phyllis Martin, Nan Husband, Hazel Chalmers, LILIAN SALICIS (Teacher), Mary Weldon, Dorothy Thomas, Irene Griffith, Dorothy Moscovitch.

THIRD ROW: Mae Stone, Jack Darley, Barbara Stone, Nancy Bradwell, Ruth Hill, NORRIS BROUGH (teacher), Connie Pratt, Barbara Brake, Sylvia Heath, Vi Turner, Shirley Reed.

TOP ROW: Arnold Irving, Arthur Gibbon, Leslie Geddes, Kent Parke, Austin Jones, Ken Yeats, Walter Charron, Charlie Symons.
Thanks to (Irene Griffith [Storen] Bedford) amazing long-term memory in providing all the names.

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