Question 1. When viewing our Website, how would you rate the general appearance? This includes fonts, colors,

Very good 54%

Good 38%

Fair 4%

Below average 1%

Poor 1%

Others 2%

Question 2. Now rate the navigation. How easy or difficult is it to navigate our Website and find what you need?

Very easy 49%
Somewhat easy 32%
Neither easy nor hard 9%
Somewhat difficult 3%
Very difficult 1%
Others 6.%

Question 3. If you had to change one thing about the Website, what would it be?

Better graphics 8%
Better colors and fonts 6%
Easier navigation 12%
More content 38%
Less content 0%
Others 36%

Question 4. How many times per month do you visit our Website?

More than 10 times per month 2%
Several times per month 23%
One time per month 71%
Never 4%

Question 5. We value your feedback. Please tell us how we can improve our Website below:p>

I answered more content as I would love to know more about what is happening in the lives of people who attended CCHS in the same years as I, however I know that you can only report on what is offered to you and that is dependent on who you are in contact with.

Honestly, I think you have done a great job especially with limited resources. Give yourselves a pat on the back for all your work.

When showing class photos, there are some images that are larger than others. This results in the 'next page' radio button shifting location, which is very annoying if you which to just be able to position the mouse pointer in one location and scroll quickly through the available pages.

I have not yet spent enough time at the website to give a proper evaluation. My only comment so far is that I don't like the class bio display - hovering over to read them is irritating. I also miss the old/new pics (even though my old must be one of the worst), and I don't understand why they've been separated from the bios. The whole section seems very diminished, especially compared with the Who's Who. Are the old class pics anywhere? I will need to spend more time to comment further.

I guess I am one of your older customers (1940) and I would love to know if any of my classmates are alive or not!! I do enjoy hearing about the children of my friends so want to continue receiving my monthly copy.

It's great. More content is always welcome, so everyone needs to be reminded they can contribute.

I look when I get your e-mail telling if revisions. I graduated over 60 years ago mnd there aren't too many things or people I ant to check

Too early to tell. I will need more time to work with it. So far, it looks pretty good. Like anything else, it will take some time to get used to.

The updates to the website seem to address all issues

I think it is great as is. I didn't even know about it until I ran into another person who had graduated from CCHS! Thanks to all who have taken their time to keep it going. The people I knew are most likely all retired with more time to check it out now!

I appreciate the web site access. I'm not sure how many of my year are still around. Help keep Quebec in Canada - it is MY CANADA!

Can't think of any changes I would make. I have missed a few issues when we go away, but I usually catch up. (We were back in QUEBEC at CHRISTMAS, and leave this week for the Galápagos Islands and Machu Picchu.)

Thanks for keeping this site going! It brings back so many great memories when I see old friends and acquaintances. It really is the only true way to "go back". Cheers and keep up the good fight.

Overall I was impressed with the appearance. it did take time to learn to navigate, but that is something we are all used to doing with any change. Would like to see more content and that is the responsibility of me and all the other members.

Go back to the site you had, it was ever so much better than what you have now!

I sometimes click on the website when you send a newsletter. I went to the site before doing this survey and reviewed photos of the class of 66. I think it's great that you've created the website and newsletter and I enjoy the reminders.

Put some life back into it. It's very dry, and not welcoming. I realize this is a work in progress and look forward to seeing further improvements

I am very pleased with it but did have some difficulty with the new format. I do look forward to it every month.

Trips down memory lane are always fun. I haven't walked the streets in St Lambert since 1967; however, this publication takes me there every month. Doogie Parsons, Bill Weeks and Miss Montgomery are names that resonant from my past and continue to live in countless stories shared with friends and grandchildren.

Launching the new system without adequate instructions was a mistake. I naturally resist change at my age but I liked the simplicity of the old format

I am not a member so cannot access the website,. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I knew of the website. I just receive the newsletters. I am now considering becoming a member, from what I just reviewed on your website.