On December 3rd. it will be 14 years since the Chambly website went on-line. Over the years I have used every possible idea I could come up with to entice non-members to join the association. For the last year I have been sending non-members the Alumni Connection alerts each month. There is a cost to doing this and I have decided to discontinue this practice in future. The website, newsletters, and indeed the association only exist due to the interest and support of our members.

I would like to update the class pages to ensure that the information we have about you is accurate. In order to do this simply visit https://chamblycounty.com/ and log in under Member Login, then go to Class Lists of Alumni, Select year to view your class, scroll down to find Class of 'xx Members Only Page, and then click on Click here for more information on your classmates.

Review that the info we have for you is correct. Email us of any changes you would like to see. Also if you have any info on Missing Classmates please advise. Your assistance will be much appreciated.

Angus Cross

C'60 - Editor, Alumni Connection

Welcome New Alumni Association Members and renewed Members

New Life Member
Stephen Humphreys
Class of 1969
from Kitchener, ON

New Life Member
Betty Smith (Walker)
Class of 1959
from St. Lambert, QC

New Life Member
Kathyrn Grimmer (Ferguson)
Class of 1976
from Newmarket, ON

Renewed Membership
Joyce Whitelaw (Sproston)
Class of 1970
from Oakville, ON

New Life Member
Cathy Rowe (Garden)
Class of 1968
from Ottawa area, ON

Renewed Membership
Phil Fullerton
Class of 1952
from Brookline, MA, USA

Renewed Membership
Pierre Dansereau
Class of 1971
from Vancouver, BC

New Regular Member
Peter Brigg
Class of 1959
from Toronto, ON

New Life Member
John Rasmussen
St. Lambert High
Class of 1948
from North Hatley, QC

Renewed Membership
Malcolm Myerson
Class of 1968
from Ottawa, ON

Renewed Membership
Dorothy Ross (Bourne)
Class of 1963
from Cowansville, QC

Memberships expiring in November

Anderson Watson 1967
Emert (Bradley) Carol 1961
MacDougall Ian 1956
McGowan (Strange) Isabelle 1950
Stewart Peter 1971


Four alumni of St. Lambert's Chambly County High School Class of 1953 recently gathered at Owl's Head for lunch and reminiscing, only to discover that Lillian Korman, proprietor of Owl's Head Ski Resort and Golf Club was a member of another 1953 class.
Murielle (Fraser) Parkes, Lillian Korman, Sheila (McPhee) Kerr, Lorna (King) Waymann of Ottawa, and Inge (Rasmussen) Vibe of Renfrew.


I only attended CCHS for one year 1960 in Grade 8 then was sent to Montreal High by my mom who was a teacher for the Montreal School Board for many years. I do however appreciate reading the Alumni Connection. I was going over the missing members for 1964 and 65 and found someone whom I have been hiking with for the last several years , it is Norm Fenton. He is living in Oakville and is a member of the Oakville Pathfinders Hiking group. Here is his email address If you would like to send him a copy of the connection and see if he is interested in participating. norman.fenton@sympatico.ca

John Nourse

C'64 non-member, from Oakville, ON

Would you kindly change my email address. We are downsizing and moving to Vaudreuil to be nearer to our family.Many thanks and congrats on a fabulous job with the newsletter!

Carol Johnson (LeBlanc)

C'59 Regular Member, from Vaudreuil, QC

I have a theory, or is it just a hypothesis. Membership as a percentage of the number in the graduating class of a certain year is decreasing from the earliest classes due to old age but how about the decrease as you get into the classes of say 1985 and later. Could it be that the diversity reflected in these more recent classes, and the acceptance of same without judgement, means they are less likely to find certain categories of jokes as funny as people from the classes of the 50's and 60's. When your classmates were 99% white anglo-saxon protestants, you could tell almost any joke and nobody would say anything. But now, if you tell a joke about Pedro mowing the grass or the dietary choices of a religious group, you should realize that the percentage of graduates who will at the least not find it funny, grows over time. I'm a white, able bodied, atheist, hetero, liberal male. I love jokes about Donald Trump, the Pope, and the monarchy (of any country). I don't think I can be personally offended no matter what you say about me. But this isn't about me. When I hear someone say that they weren't offended, I have to say "so what, this isn't about you". So why am I, from the class of 1976, so sensitive to this issue? Am I more sensitive than those from earlier classes? Am I generalizing too much? Of course someone will respond with anecdotal evidence and claim I'm crazy. My claim is that the increase in sensitivity goes hand in hand with the increase in diversity and both are linked to the period in which you graduated.

Steven Donnan

C'76 Life Member, from Calgary, AB

Peter Payan Re: December 2016 Alumni Connection.

Thanks Angus, for another excellent edition of this newsletter.
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of it.

Peter Payan

C'59 Life Member, from Montreal, QC

Re: Recent Survey.

I have provided photos that are pre cell phone. Some were selected, and appeared in one or two newsletters last summer, then most disappeared. i.e. an old pic of Victoria Bridge, which last I knew did not show up listed under bridges. I'm guessing a lot of people don't read your newsletter during summer, so they may have missed them. I feel that you concentrate on your own era, and buddies, then wonder why you loose membership and interest from people my age. Photos for instance, are rare from my era (74), and generate interest by classmates. Although there may be privacy issues, I have received comments to that effect. Classmates would love to have more documentation of their growing up years. Pictures exist of us out there that we don't know exist. Seeing one can generate quite a kick. Scanning negatives and prints, followed by fixing each on computer takes time and effort. But then they are unused, hard to find, or are gone from your site. I think that if photos are placed in a member only, hi security, complicated, or hard to access part of your site, that it is hard to generate interest with them to non members. My experience is that new pictures don't seem to find their way into your picture library. Is space-memory a problem? My experience leaves me wondering how many others this happens too. Classmates should be encouraged to submit anything that they can dig up. We should be further encouraged and rewarded for our efforts, by being forever able to easily find out submissions in your library. But my experience leaves me disappointed. I no longer feel like putting the required energy into it. I also experience problems with passwords and such trying to log into the member only section. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. BTW I notice that this October newsletter announces your general meeting to be held in September.

Alan Hemmings

C'74 Life Member, from Brossard, QC

Enjoyed the article by Bob Wrigley on his attempts at energy efficiency. I too, am old enough to remember the coal being delivered by C. W. Smiley, also the ice man. Thanks, Angus, great job as always.

Here's the milkman's horse and my two brothers. May 1948

Betty Smith (Walker)

C'59 Regular Member, from St. Bruno, QC

Who's Who Update

I am now "Emeritus" at the University of Alberta, since 2016.
While I am still working full time as an Ophthalmologist, I will be stopping surgery at the end of 2017 to enable me to concentrate on my research and still devote some time to medical ophthalmology. My team completed the first Canadian trial of ocular gene therapy in June 2017.
Ian MacDonald C'68 Life Member from Edmonton, AB
Who's Who Directory

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Chambly County High School (CCHS) - Chambly Academy
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Class of 1976 meeting in mid-October in Montreal

Brock Cummings is with Laura Prince and 5 others at Restaurant ZIBO (1235 Robert-Bourassa, Montreal, Quebec).

Dave the Brave and the boys breaking bread with other '76ers (including non-FBers Judy and Ray). We're a diverse group but we couldn't resist meeting up yet again, 41 years after graduation.

Larry Llewellyn C'65 Life Member from Toronto, ON

Larry Llewellyn C'65
Life Member from Toronto, ON


So folks.... this diddy has nothing to do with my usual additions to 'School Daze', but, the summer of 2017 cannot go with out sharing the time of my life..... another combination of great moments! We all have... here is a capitulation of 14 days from my world. Sit back and envision my Dream Vacation....It all started in Feb. 2017.

I got phone call from my son living in San Pedro, suburb of Los Angeles, (he's stationed there in the USAF currently with the rank of Major) "Hey Dad this year wanna meet us in Hawaii ?" Without hesitation, I replied, "Sure, you are paying! ( I get USAF Pension (for my service '69-'73, another story, nothing to do with 'School Daze') He used to work in and around the Pentagon, living in Virginia. This residence enabled me to drive to visit my grands 3x a year. Now only once a year at his new assignment.
The months, weeks, days, and hours seemed to drag by.... prior, to the big event I attended a reunion in St. Bruno.... the gathering of "old" friends, only requirement was you lived and hug around in St. Bruno in 60's and '70's! It was a time warp! Meeting folks hadn't seen even thought about for 4-5 decades!

Some of us after 5 decades

Again a story for another time!!

I arrived back in Toronto the day before I was to fly out...so, I was on a high already!
Finally, on board, with a layover in Chicago and Honolulu, my destination was 'Hawai'i' The Big Island, as its known. The Island is so big all, the others in the chain can fit on it...it has 8 of the world's 13 climates. You can ski and surf the same day! It has the tallest mountain in the world- from its base in the Pacific Ocean to the top, it towers over Mount Everest. This Island has active volcanoes; the morning of our planned Helicopter flight(needed two helicopters as there were 9 of us) an eruption was in process.
The eruption was a flow, under the surface of the earth.... for 20 miles!...So, no red hot molten lava could be seen, just molten lava like someone had dumped a supersized bowl of dark molasses; until it reached the ocean. Then, and only then could one appreciate natures power.. with the visual of hot steam and gases that were imitated. We were given the treat of flying directly over an open active volcani crater... there were other tourist helicopters we we in queue to make our passes so both sides got a clear view. We flew over where Jurassic Park was filmed... all eras of lava flows recent to ancient, the dark patches were recent 2014... That consumed villages... believe it or not we were told though you lost your home, that the land it was on is uninhabitable you are still required to pay taxes!!

There are signs to "Watch out for donkeys"! Turns out, with the coming of the ATV - land traversing to herd cattle, goats etc. were not needed and just turned loose, to run wild now. The 'Parker' cattle ranch is the biggest in United States...all cattle are raised here, then shipped stateside to finish their final growth life cycyle... no cattle are sold in Hawai'i!
Sugar cane industry, a main export many years ago, has in recent times been all but eliminated, as a cash crop.. But, in its hay day, problems occurred with the rat population. It got so bad, these critters were eating the sugar cane and local birds eggs..the powers at be... decided to import the mongoose from Calcutta, India to eradicate them... that back fired...as the rats came out at night, the mongoose can out during the day and both eat birds eggs!!
We did a 10 hour bus tour around the island; witnessed the desert like climate which averaged 10inches of rain a year, to the other side which got 150 nches a year... waterfalls abound....spectacular drops... the lush greens... and flowers..... my idea of paradise... we were driven to a Kona coffee plantation; a macadamia nut processing plant.... lunch was superb.... the long drive with the breaks was money well spent..
We as a family, were on a continuous adventure... and not any chronological order, we all were dazzeled by a 55 min submarine ride, to a depth of 109ft... fish were every where, there were two wrecks we passed by; saw an octopus, schools of different species of fish.. though the area was covered with hard coral; as opposed to soft coral which usually houses very colourful fish, still was a great experience.
The high point of the trip for me was the birthday present I gave my son.... a chance at SCUBA... Though he had never dove before, he took to it with real enthusiasm.. it was an introductory package of two dives.. first, we spent 1 1/2 hours in the pool. Familiarizing with the equipment and safety requirements.. do's and don'ts... like, don't hold your breath 'ever'! How to clear your mask; how to use the buoyancy compensator and just move around under water.. the next day were the 2 dives.... I had been certified in Okinawa 1969... last logged dive was 1986 near Cancun, off the Island of Ilsa Moheres... where I dove on the cave of the sleeping shark. I had to have 20 ocean dives to be qualified to cave dive... my son had 1 1/2 hrs in a pool! Admittedly, it wasn't a huge cave, but a cave no less.. a min and 39 sec video shows the close encounter of a green sea turtle.... totally unexpected by all! Including the turtle, which negotiated the small cave by swimming underneath my son.. who showed his surprise by rising to the roof of the cave a few feet above him, then proceeded to kick as fast as he could to day light. Only to, on his second stroke kick the poor critter in the head. Forcing him to recoil into his shell for a split second and continue to the back of the cave. I waited, seemed like forever for him/her to decide its next move. My adrenaline working over time..Then he appeared out of the darkness bumping head-on into me... since, we now were bosom buddies. I attempted to ride him out, by grabbing the top of his shell. Miss fired, my hand slid down his slimy algae covered shell. I then tried to catch up to him before he escaped. I let go of the video camera, reached out with both hands... only to be denied the experience.... I guess I watched too many "Sea Hunt" or "James Bond" movies! Three powerful strokes and he was just a silhouette at mouth of the cave!! THIS is not a fishy story. I have visual video proof, so there... what a thrill....
Of course, we had to swim with the dolphins after that underwater adventure.... not anywhere as exciting.... but, still a pleasurable EXPERIENCE, highly recommend it!
We did a few real touristy things like going to a ...luau... shopping... and restaurant hopping.
We had game nights with grands, enjoyed quality time as a family.....
Absolutely a vacation... that was more than the word vacation describes...
I'll be boring people for weeks to come... I'm sure, I will not be invited to many of this years Christmas parties by folks who know me... and know I've been to Hawaii...

As a foot note: I've been on a plane since 9:45 am this morning on my way back to LA, to attend my son's Lieutenant Colonel induction ceremony.....with 5 hours on my hands and no wifi... I was able draw out some of the events of the 14 days ...... Hope you all had a memorable summer..... now to pay the bills!

The Beatles members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best regularly performed at different clubs in Hamburg, Northern Germany, during the period from August 1960 to December 1962; a chapter in the group's history which honed their performance skills, widened their reputation, and led to their first recording, which brought them to the attention of Brian Epstein. The Beatles' booking agent.

Having a beer with the Beatles ....
While living and working in Hamburg back in the Spring and Summer of 1961 I was having a few beers at a club on the Reeperbahn (center for nightlife in the city). That evening an English band was playing. When they finished their set they walked by my table and I made the comment "great job guys". At first they thought I was an American but when I said "not a Yank - Canadian" they invited me to their table to have a beer.

Angus Cross

C'60 Life Member from Halifax, NS

Class Contacts Needed

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please forward details to Angus Cross at angus@hfx.eastlink.ca.

There were no reported deaths occurring during the last month.

And Finally...

This gal is very sharp and very fast ~ you may want to listen twice… Here is a blond who is no dummy! Click on the Pre-Flight Announcement Below.You might want to listen to the video twice as it is VERY fast: read the text as the video proceeds. Submitted by Mike Rowley C'81 Life Member from Val Morin, QC

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