By now all of you who have kept up to date with the Alumni Newsletter are aware that Angus is undergoing chemotherapy and has a very tough road ahead of him.  Angus has been the main driving force behind our Association (sometimes it seems like the only one) since its inception many years ago. His shoes will be very difficult to fill.

I will be taking over the duties of newsletter editor and publisher. Keep in mind that writing is not one of my fortes and there may be a few bumps along the way. And it goes without saying that I will need as much help from the membership that I can get. If you have articles, pictures or news items that you would like to share, send them to me at Your assistance will take some of the burden off me and help keep things running smoothly.  I’d be more than delighted if someone could act as assistant editor and take on a few of the duties fulltime.

I’m sure Angus would appreciate any words of hope and encouragement you have. Send them directly to Angus or to me if you would like them published in the next edition.

In the meantime, have a very happy new year, keep a positive outlook and think of all good things that are yet to come. And remember all you snow bound golfers, like me, tee times are only four months away.


Harvey Carter

Life Member - C'60 - Editor, Alumni Connection


I was completely overwhelmed by the response to my mass email, sent out in mid-December, advising alumni about my health. Your comments were extremely heartening and helped me considerably.

I had no idea that my efforts with regard to the newsletter and website were so appreciated. I will do as much as I can to assist Harvey.

Angus Cross

Life Member -C'60 - Editor's Assistant, Alumni Connection

Welcome New Alumni Association Members and renewed Members

Joyce Bolton (Croll)

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Joyce Bolton (Croll)
Class of 1964
from Belle River, ON

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Peter Stewart
Class of 1971
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Peter Payan

Happy 15th Anniversary, Angus and everyone.

Month after Month you create an excellent assortment of stories and other posts for everyone to read and enjoy! How many ways must I say it but Bravo each time.

Peter Payan

C'59 Life Member, from Montreal, QC

Really appreciated reading the news letter. As you can see, I am not as tech savvy as I would like to be. I was trying to forward this to a classmate in BC.

Thank you for all your good work at keeping CCHS alumnae in touch.

Marilyn Runte (Parry) C‘59 - non member

I am a member of the alumni assoc. Thx for all your effort in putting together the newsletter... I enjoy hearing about all the news.

Ian McDowell - Class of 77 from Toronto

I started working as a secretary for a company that was formed in 1960. A man that I was working for at another company purchased a company called B. J. Coghlin Company. They manufactured springs (ball point pen springs to garage door springs). He changed the name of the company to General Spring Company. So, needless to say, I was in at the beginning. Our plant an office was in the east end of Montreal. We started manufacturing rail anchors (hot springs)for the railroads and did very well. The French separatists started acting up so we decided to move our plant and offices to Prescott, Ontario. The Ontario Government gave us a forgivable loan if we build a plant in Prescott, Ontario and we had to employ 12 men for six years. Around that time we also purchased Dominion Brass and Aluminum Co and Sylvester Steel Products. We moved those two companies to Alexandria, Ontario. We also formed two other companies, Woodings Canada and G.S.P. Management. We moved our head offices from Place Ville Marie to Pointe Claire to South Lancaster, Ontario. We purchased an old inn called the Moosehead Inn and converted it to offices. We also represented 15 U.S. railway supply companies and sold their products to the Canadian railroads. I progressed over the years from Secretary to Secretary Treasurer to Director to Vice-President to President. I worked there for 23 years. I owned 25% of the stock. I traveled for business to England, France, Switzerland and all over the United States . First woman to belong to the Engineers Club of Montreal and first woman to be a member of (REMSA). I retired to get married in 1983, have dual citizenship, and live in Henderson, Nevada, 20 minutes from the strip. My brother Robert (Bob) Dorion worked for the company for several years but left and formed his own company Canadian Shuttlewagon and became very successful. He lives in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia.
Sheila Bush (Dorion) - Life Member - CCHS Class of 1954

Class Contacts Needed

If you are interested in representing your class year as Class Contact. Please contact Harvey Carter


Two of my friends and classmates passed away in 2017.

Joan Gordon & Patricia Lynch

Joan passed away from lung cancer, age 70, September 2017, in London, Ontario. She is survived by two daughters and five grandkids. Joan’s business career was at the Royal Bank.

Patricia went to CCHS only in Grade 9, then switched to another school in 1962. She passed away from Lymphoma in Houston, Texas in December 2017. She is survived by her husband Desmond Doran, kids and grandkids. Pat had a Masters Degree and was a teacher in Houston.

submitted by Maureen Lafond Bisanti - non member - Class of 1964 from Calgary, AB

Peter Norman Reid


CCHS Class of 1972 passed away peacefully November 25, 2018 at the age of 64 years. He will be remembered and sadly missed by his loving family Cindy Reid and Kai Reid and sister Susan Reid.

Richard Abadie

CCHS Class of 1987 passed away on October 26, 2018

Cadman Mercer

CCHS Class of 1962.
Cadman passed away peacefully in his sleep on November 9th, 2018 while on a golf vacation in Florida. Caddy is survived by his brother Ian, his sister Glennie and his daughter Jocelyn. He had an interesting life having lived for a time in England, some years on the island of Montserrat, Mexico and latterly in Toronto where his family moved from St. Lambert in the sixties. He had a fascination with elephants and in fact travelled to Kenya with Jocelyn where he adopted two baby elephants to keep them safe in a wilderness reserve. He had a collection of over 600 elephant related collectables. On December 16th, 2018 a celebration of life was held in the Glen Rhodes United Church on Gerrard Street in Toronto. Andy Edwards '62, who met Caddy in kindergarten, and Tom Randall '62 who met Caddy when they became neighbours in 1953, both life-long friends were the only two CCHS alumni in attendance. He was marvelous human being and a wonderful caring friend and he will be missed.

If you notice an obituary of a classmate in your local paper
please forward details to Angus Cross at

And Finally...

The Scotsman and the Englishman...

An Englishman says to his friend, the Scot, that he has a perfect way of eating for free in restaurants. I go in at well past 9 o'clock in the evening, eat several courses slowly, linger over coffee, port and a cigar. Come 2 a.m., as they are clearing everything away, I just keep sitting there until eventually a waiter comes up and asks me to pay. Then I say: 'I've already paid your colleague who has left.'"

The Scotsman is impressed, and says: "Let's try it together this evening."

So the Scotsman books them into a restaurant and come 2 o'clock they are both still quietly sitting there after a very full meal. Sure enough, a waiter comes over and asks them to pay.

The Englishman just says: "I've already paid your colleague who has left."

And the Scot adds: "And we are still waiting for the change!"