Our revised website has been visited over 120,300 times. We hope that number will increase substantially during 2018 and that somehow we can find more missing alumni and attract many new members. We will do our best to make the newsletters and website attractive to grads from the 1980's and 1990's. Many of us have found old friends and classmates through usage of our website. We trust that alumni will become more enthusiastic about submitting stories and photos of not only their school days but also recent encounters with old friends. Happy New Year to you all and health and all the best in 2018.

Angus Cross

C'60 - Editor, Alumni Connection



Angus Cross

C'60 - Editor, Alumni Connection

Welcome New Alumni Association Members and renewed Members

New Life Member
Kevin Ogilvie
Class of 1976
from Ottawa, ON

Peter Stewart
Renewed Membership
Peter Stewart
Class of 1971
from North Hollywood, CA, USA

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Thanks to David Elliott C'66 - Life Member from Delta, BC for his comments and extremely generous donation.
I will leave usage up to your discretion , you have put a lot of effort into the Association.

Thanks to Bill Brown C'53 - Life Member from Norwood, ON for his donation.


As suggested, I logged into the website to check out class lists etc. I noticed that in my class of 1958 in the “How we look now” photo section there was a name error. The photo of Marguerite des Trois Maisons (Ensio) was named as Marito Robinson (Ensio). Marita (not Marito) was in a later class. Marguerite is correct with her pic in the “Then” list.
Errors have been corrected

Thank you again for all your efforts.

Janis Cotter (Johnston)

C'58 Life Member, from Penngrove, CA, USA

Thanks, Angus, for all your hard work in preparing this Newsletter each and every month. I always read it as soon as I see it in my inbox.
Since this edition is the last for 2017, Have a Very Merry Christmas and all the Best in 2018!

Peter Payan

C'59 Life Member, from Montreal, QC

I try my best to use humor in the newsletters that will be acceptable to all.

Angus Cross - Editor

C'60 Life Member, from Halifax, NS

Hi Angus, yet another story/picture in very bad taste This ongoing use of inappropriate material is almost enough to make me quit the website. I know I am not the only one that feels this way.Please use more discretion when posting website content, whether from you or someone else.

Carol Storen

C'60 Life Member, from San Francisco, CA, USA

Thank you Angus for the December news letter ..................... I think I remember a buddy of mine who was on the aircraft carrier , apparently opening the doors on the car did not help with lift off ........

Doug Macfie

C'66 Life Member, from Calgary, AB

Thanks Angus ... Appreciate it very much…(set up of Username and Password) always enjoy staying in touch as I have great memories of not just of CCHS but St. Lambert as it was a wonderful place to grow up in.

Brian Pond

C'73 Life Member, from McKees Mills, NB

I tried to get into one of the past newsletters (November) and it told me that I am locked out. Tell me, why do I bother to save all the newsletters in a special box if I can no longer read them? I have no idea about a password and a user name. I have a vague recollection of you setting me up with one but I haven't the slightest idea as to what it was. What upsets me the most is that it would appear that every newsletter, once it leaves my inbox, is useless even although it is privately saved. I thoroughly enjoy the newsletters and appreciate all the work you put into them.
Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas. If you'd like some snow, we could send you some. Oh, one last mention. In the obituaries, Julie Clifford died here in Owen Sound. Somehow there should be a way to recognize former CCHS alumni

Ann Lyttle (Young)

C'57 Life Member, from Owen Sound, ON

In response to Ann's problem: You have to be logged in to access past newsletters. Ann has now been aided in login procedure and hopefully her problems have been solved.

Angus Cross


I live in both Lagos and London. After my late husband finished as High Commissioner to the UK my children who were educated in the UK had jobs here as a doctor in the NHS, (she did medicine at McGill)! the other daughter with Shell and my son (born in Montreal) an accountant with Lehman Brothers the three settled in London and did not return to Lagos with us. They are now married and have children here and I have an apartment here where I stay when visiting London. My livelihood comes from Nigeria so I spend part of the year in Lagos where I have many friends.

Norma Dove-Edwin (Marshall)

C'59 non-member, from Lagos, Nigeria & London, UK

Congratulations on another great year of CCHS Alumnae newsletters.
This past August we moved from Foster, Quebec to Knowlton, Quebec.
Just an update on John’s and my change of address.

Season’s greetings and all the best in 2018.

Jane Fisher (Strange)

C'54 Life Member, from Knowlton, QC

Once again, thanks for all you and your team do - I serve as the Secretary on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Provincial Police Veterans' Association so I am well aware of the work that goes on behind the scenes. Keep up the great work.

Tom Randall

C'62 Life Member, from Grand Bend, ON

Dave Webster
C'55 Life Member, from Manchester-By-The-Sea, Mass. USA

I cannot believe that you are still putting out this wonderful newsletter ... that is true dedication, and an enormous gift to alumni. It's nice to see that the classes of the late 50s and 60's are replacing the 40's and early 50's as big participants.

Bill Brown asked me to send this document to you. it is a very funny presentation he made at the graduation ceremony for the Class of 1952.

Bill Brown C'53
Life Member from Norwood, ON

The Last Will and Testament of the High School Graduating Class of 1952

Mr. Chairman, honoured guests, ladies and gentlemen, fellow graduates. We, the graduating class of CCHS possessing no infirmities of the body nor defects of the mind, hereby make public our last Will and Testament.
To the present Grade XI we leave all our properties and privileges. Our debts we leave to the Students Council. To the Grade XI teachers we leave Jerry O'Connor, Wallace Henstridge,
Tom Carmichael and Bob Land. To Miss Burton, we leave our sincere thanks for her untiring assistance in helping us with all our enterprizes, We leave to Mr. Amyot the consolation of not having Bob Dorion in his French class this year, to Mr. Templeton, we will four HEIRMALE visits from the stork, to complete his Chambly County "dream team"
Jim Dawe with his engaging ways, to Mr. Elliott.
Due to his rapidly expanding waist—line, we will Mr.Rosevear, one last look at his feet.
Jerry O' Connor bequeaths his Long Johns which were seen flying on the school flagpole, to our janitor, Mr. Sylvester.
To all the girls of the present, Grade XI's Currie Ashfield leaves his "secrets of good hair—grooming"
Barry King bequeaths his bowling prowess to Don Montgomery.
Janice Caron thoughtfully wills her gym shorts to be distributed among Judy Pickersgill, Mary Ross and Gweneth Hawes
Don Morrisson wills his favorite Marilyn Monroe Calendars to Jane Strange.
Louise Chicoine leaves one pair of slightly uged vocal chords to Carol Wilcox and Marilyn Crooke
Joan Bennett, chief taster at Molson's, leaves her company discount, to Wallace Henstridge, John Foulkes and John Fisher.
Mildred Morley and Bernlce Enta will their rowdy Classroom manners to Carol Thomas and Denise Drouin
Ruth Townshend leaves forty—seven of her geometry marks to Charles Wallace to raise his grand total to 53
Donna Benning bequeaths her stately walk to Virginia Carter.
Herman Alleyne leaves his revised selection of school holidays to Neil Maize.
Emile Cariepy wills his dented 'murder cycle 'to Doug Symington
Our apologies for Sylvia Gruber, who has nothing to spare.
Muriel Fraser leaves her gift of the gab to Queenie Visser
Allan Walker wills 15 free "Charles Atlas lessons to Vic Kalnins
John Green bequeaths his many valuable years of high school experience to Mac Morrisson.
Wallace Hendtridge leaves his 901st, empty to the school museum.
Thelma Este wills her love of the symphony to Betty Bonar
To Don MacLean, Anne Bonathan bequeaths her interest in hillbilly music
Tom "Two—Tone" Carmichael leaves his curly red locks to Stuart Fickett
Sheila McPhee has a lot, and can afford to leave a little behind, LITTLE BEHIND" •
Bryce K. Weir bequeaths his overwhelming modesty to Tom Stoker

Bob Land wills his unpronounceable name to Rocco Masterjoseph and Eddi Misiaszek
Florence Perrer bequeaths her theory that "if you brush a cows teeth, you will get dental cream" to her sister Pearl

Shirley Kelly bequeaths a stack of self—addressed love letters to Elizabeth Riohards
Dorothy Hadden leaves a half—full bottle Hydrogen Peroxide to Prudence Riley
Lorna King wills her swimming ability to "pool" sharks to Mac McCuaig and Bill Green.

Sean Richens C'82 Regular Member from Winnipeg writes:

Carolyn Marie Souaid C'76 Life Member from St. Lambert has a novel out A good honest plug for a really good book by one of ours:

    Check it out

      Skilfully written, honest, and for anyone who was fortunate enough to go on an exchange trip to Nunavik a powerful flashback.

Share Your Own Memories

Larry Llewellyn C'65 Life Member from Toronto, ON

Larry Llewellyn C'65
Life Member from Toronto, ON

Tis the Season..”

Well, another year gone “bye”.. I beat the grim reaper out of another year….

Looking back, That’s about all I do these days, in my man cave. So here are some of my thoughts and memories….hope it triggers fond ones of yours …

I don’t know about those of you who are reading this, it just seems, the older I get, the faster time goes.. I was fortunate to create a whole slew of new memories this year:

A family reunion in Hawaii; A trip to LA for my son’s USAF promotion ceremony to Lieutenant Colonel;
A mini reunion of 6 at a local eatery in Milton Ontario;
A full blown, 3 day, well organized reunion/event of 55 years at St. Bruno with, I’m not sure 60 or so folks, who came from as far way as Australia! It was an amazing time of remembrance, catching up.. Most folks hadn’t seen each other since ’67

Why? When the call goes out, folks choose not to attend.. (Similarly to joining the CCHS Alumni or subscribing to the monthly Newsletter.. )
It’s a shame. Each of us have personal reasons, that are very personal, for staying away. I for one really do understand.. But, being the nosy busy body that I am, it interests me to know, how folks I grew up with made out, where life took them. I may not measure up to their standards getting a PHD or other professional designation..
It doesn’t matter.. we were all in the same boat at one time.. We all had the same 24 hours in a day. What and how we choose to spent those precious minutes was up to each one of us..
I firmly believe it was our teachers who set us on a course.. wish I could thank each one, even apologize to some for the trouble I caused over my school days.. I know they earned their keep, when I was assigned to their classes.. Though, I never missed a day of school intentionally.. “hookie” they called it! I must have liked school so much, ‘cause I had to repeat a few grades.. to finally graduate.. Do you remember when we stayed in the same room all day and it was the teachers who switched classrooms!?

I was bussed from Brossard to CCHS... I lived about a mile from Preville… close to where the Champlain Bridge is now... heck, the route from St. Lambert to LaPrairie was a two lane road. Fact, there is a river close to LaPairie called the St. Lambert River.. don’t know if it’s been renamed now... biked everywhere... went swimming in the St. Lawrence before school and after school it was top of our street.. My street was called Lyons Street after our Landlord who owned about 5 houses on the street; his was the last house at the end; then a subdivision was built, then a “V” section was created, it was renamed Venise Street…

Great memories of building forts, fishing, hunting, snowshoeing in the fields and woods. A boy and his dog were inseparable... My family didn’t get a TV till ’59, and then it was a Black and white; had regulated hours in front of the “Goggle Box”.. Time was spent making and fixing things, bows and arrows; toy boats that we would float down the ditches along the side of the streets, no sidewalks; the roads were gravel… constantly fixing flat tires on our bikes and adjusting the rattles that the road produced; then there were the rafts… Huckleberry Finn was our hero.. we had adventures every day… Bringing home snakes, chipmunks, baby rabbits and birds of all sorts: to the horror of Mom who made the decision what we could keep as pets..

It wasn’t all fun and games. My father assigned chores, and school work to be done daily. Copy work out of a book to practice our writing and keep up our reading and spelling... He couldn’t understand why we had so many days off in the summer (until he became a teacher). Since, both my parents worked.. my brother and I were left to fend for ourselves, till they came home.. Sometimes, we were instructed to have peeled potatoes or carrots ready in preparation for supper.. there were rules, which were cast in stone… and God help you if they were broken, my brother made sure I went by the rules!! Sometimes “Tattooed” on my backside…. Those were the days….

One evening back in 1980's a friend and I were attending a formal business dinner at the Saraguay Club in Halifax. After dinner we strolled next door to the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron for a cocktail. We noticed an American yacht entering the marina and went over welcome them and to handle their lines. The yacht owner was most surprised to be aided by two guys dressed in tuxedos and invited us aboard. The yacht owner was William F. Buckley.

Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron in Halifax

William Frank Buckley Jr. was an American conservative author and commentator. He founded National Review magazine in 1955, which had a major impact in stimulating the conservative movement; hosted 1,429 episodes of the television show Firing Line, where he became known for his transatlantic accent and wide vocabulary; and wrote a nationally syndicated newspaper column along with numerous spy novels.

Angus Cross

C'60 Life Member from Halifax, NS


If yes, where are you going?

Angus & Joanne Cross (Lemke)
C'60 Life Members from Halifax, NS

We are off to La Romana, Dominican Republic in early February for a week, and then in mid-March to Lagos, Algarve area in Portugal. If you are going to be in the area let me know and perhaps we can get together for cocktails.

Class Contacts Needed

If you are interested in representing your class year as Class Contact. Please contact Angus Cross at bluenoseangus@gmail.com


Obituary of Julie Clifford (Ross)
~~Peacefully surrounded by the love of her family, at the Chapman House Hospice in Owen Sound, on Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017. Julie Marion Clifford (nee Ross), of Owen Sound, at the age of 72 years. Dearly loved wife of George Clifford. Loving mother of Stacey Winter, of Milton, Todd Phillips and his partner, Jen Cowan, of Little Britain, Michael Clifford and his partner, Lolly Gagnon, of Vancouver and Richard Clifford and his wife, Ingrid, of Mississauga. Proud grandmother of Jordan, Julia, Brooke, Connor, Keaton and Harper. Dear sister of Mary Dawson, of Bradenton, U.S.A and sister-in-law of Norah Gray, of Meaford. Julie will be sadly missed by her niece, Kelly Atkinson and her partner, Peter. Predeceased by her parents, Henry and Nelly Ross and her brother, Bill Ross

If you notice an obituary of a classmate in your local paper
please forward details to Angus Cross at bluenoseangus@gmail.com.

And Finally...

A thief in Paris planned to steal some Paintings from the Louvre

After careful planning, he got past security, stole the paintings,
and made it safely to his van.

However, he was captured only two blocks away when his van ran out of gas

When asked how he could mastermind such a crime and then make such an obvious error, he replied,

'Monsieur, that is the reason I stole the paintings.'
I had no Monet

To make the Van Gogh.'

I sent it to you because I figured
I had nothing Toulouse.

To buy Degas

See if you have De Gaulle to
send this on to someone else....

The Senior's Snowplow
It conforms to the Government Green Energy initiatives
Now Available At Canadian Tire! .........