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Angus Cross

C'60 - Editor, Alumni Connection

Welcome New Alumni Association Members and renewed Members

New Life Member
John Bulmer
Class of 1959
from Pointe Claire, QC

Renewed Membership
Kaye Banham (Alexander)
Class of 1957
from St. Lambert, QC

Renewed Membership
Philippa Settels
Class of 1988
from Greenfield Park, QC

Renewed Membership
Gord Brown
Class of 1956
from Collingwood, ON

Renewed Membership
Debbie Harlow (DeBanks)
Class of 1956
from Centreville, NS

Renewed Membership

Leslie Griffith
Class of 1963
from Saqauche, Col, USA

Renewed Membership

John Waymann
Class of 1974
from Toronto, ON

Memberships expiring this month (August)

Rylander (Smith) Sandra 1960
Smith Shirley 1970
Sones (Talbot) Anne 1956
Villeneuve Sue 1962
Wilson (Corner) Carol 1950
MacLean Wendell ex staff
Ponting Wayne "Eric" 1974
Loucks (Macfie) Diane 1974


Hello CCHS and PIT Friends too,

Brita Housez has graciously invited all CCHS/PIT friends to gather at her place for a mini-reunion in the late afternoon and early evening of Saturday, August 25th. Brita and Chuck live in St.Catharines. Situated conveniently next to Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, oodles of vineyards and excellent theatre. Luckily we have a number of classmates who live around the corner from St.Catharines and could easily just "pop" by - (as it were).

We feel strongly that we had a wonderful momentum going when we were celebrating in Oakville and we are eager to continue keeping up the momentum. We realize how difficult it is for people from the far west (California) and far East (NB, NS, PEI and NFLD) to make the trip - but lets face it - you always have fun. At this stage in our lives there is nothing more important than having fun. Family is primary of course but fun with family and friends is most bonding. We will also be collecting funds in support of the monthly Newsletter. The alumni association is contributing some souvenir shirts for participants.

If your are interested in joining us on Saturday the 25th and if you would like to tour the area prior to meeting at Brita's - please hurry and get back to us.

I have some suggestions to make for afternoon activities:
1) Visiting Niagara Falls
2) Tour some wineries
3) Attend live theatre at the Shaw Festival in NOTL
4) golfing at NOTL
We could be back to Brita's by 3:30 - 4:00 ish - as Brita said: "Also, as many of us are getting older and more reluctant to drive at night, maybe 3 or 4pm would be a good time for people to arrive. Although it wouldn't be a traditional dinner, I can assure you that no one would go home hungry or thirsty! "

We can do some wee tours and still be to Brita's at least by 4:00 PM.

Please contact me if you plan to attend so I can update you.
Reta Currie
email: evasdotter@yahoo.com
phone: 613-271-7513


Life Member C'76
from West Harrison, New York, USA

As a Life Member I always like to receive my CCHS Alumni Association Newsletter and learn more about my fellow classmates and the news of the school. However as repeatedly noted by me and other members - political commentary is not appropriate and NOT appreciated my me and many others. This has been pointed out MANY times before but there seems to be a need to continually post unwanted political messages. This is a good way to annoy and alienate your readership. Once again I am requesting to cease from including political commentary in the Newsletter. This has NOTHING to do with CCHS and our shared interest in the school and it’s current and past students.

My Father, Ted Netten has also expressed these strong views to you in the past.

Appreciate your thoughts and feedback to my request,

Editor's Note: I regret you find the attempts at humour not appropriate. These are sent in to me by association members. I would much more appreciate school memories and pictures but I do have to use whatever I receive. I will however limit these in future but can not resist this recent one.

President Trump has banned the sale of pre-shredded cheese in the USA.
He wants to make America GRATE again.

Ed Bates -deceased
CCHS Class of 62

The family, friends, and colleagues of Ed Bates, CCHS Class of 1962, together with colleagues at Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman, are establishing an endowed award at UBC’s Allard School of Law in Ed’s honour. As you know, Ed died in July 2017. We feel it is fitting to remember him and his many contributions to Public Law in British Columbia and Canada with the Edward D. Bates, Q.C. Award in Public Law. This annual award of $1,200 will support a law student who demonstrates interest in the practice of Public Law. Read more

Saint Lambert International class of 2018

SLI's class of 2018! They are beautiful inside and out. We are sad to see them leave and wish them all the best in all they choose to pursue!

My painting 'Gridlock', along with 14 other works by local artists, has been selected by jury for this year's exhibition at St Catharines City Hall. The theme is 'Motion' as it relates to traffic in our city. The works will be on display from September 14/18 to March18/19.
Brita Housez (Stolz) CCHS Class of 1961

What was the best job you ever had?

What was the best job you ever had? Please contact Angus Cross at bluenoseangus@gmail.com

Life Member C'59
from Montreal, QC

After completing just one year at Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec,
I joined Sun Life of Canada in the Policy Administration Department here in Montreal.

During the next 39 years and 6 months I worked for the company dealing with people in the various branch offices from St John's NFLD to Prince George BC.

On many of my vacations, I organized a seminar on my expertise in my job, giving the Agents and staff lots of pointers to make their work easier and
more productive. I usually got to my office by 6 am so that any inquiries I received by email in the later years would be completed and on their desks promptly.

With Newfoundland 1 1/2 hours ahead of Montreal time and the rest of Canada on or earlier at their offices, many agents arrived to find a solution to take to their clients.

I retired early at 59 1/2 years old in 2000. My last day in the office was on April 30th and with 14 weeks of vacation still coming to me, my first pension cheque arrived at the end of the first week in August. Since then, I have been a very active volunteer here in Montreal.

By Lilian Puust (Soomet)
C’57 Life Member
From Toronto, ON

The continuing saga of Lilian's move from Estonia to Sweden to Canada.

Favourite childhood memory

We are sitting on the second story of the old farmhouse next to the warm air vent to keep warm. On the old blanket on the floor are our dolls. I have three, Helene has three and so does Reet.
“I am going to marry Gordon MacRae,” announces Helene, 9 years old. We have only seen photos of him, but he looks like the type which I could marry too.
“OK, I’m going to marry his twin brother Jimmy MacRae. “ I like that idea since I also like Jimmy McManus, who lives near my aunt Rande. I am 8.
“I like Marc. I’m going marry him,” says Reet who is only six.
“Who’s Marc?”
“Oh, he’s at the school,” she replies.

This is how it began. Before this we played simple games with the dolls. We even sewed clothes for them, but everything changed when we decided to have husbands.

Now we need houses for them, and then a town into which to put the houses.

Helene gets a big roll of heavy paper and spreads it out on the floor. We make a map of our town. We each draw pictures of our houses and gardens and show exactly where they are. We all live on Hibiscus Lane. It is around the corner from Thornberry Crescent.

You can tell that we have inspired names for our streets. It’s because we have been reading Anne of Green Gables and as many of the Anne books which we can get hold of. Anne never saw just a road or a lake. In her story she saw “The Lake of Shining Waters.” I see it too, with the light shining and dancing on the surface of the lake. It is so beautiful. Anne did not see just trees. Her trees were “The Haunted Woods.”

We are like Anne. We have to find the right name for our town, which is pretty like the ones which we see in our reading books at school, but it is not exactly like any town which we have seen.
We think of birches and pines and daisies and piglets and bluebirds, but, after we decide to have a creek flowing through the town, we name it Apple Creek, since the streets are lined with apple trees so that the town will be like a painting of pinks and whites in the spring.

We get back to our husbands who now have a town.
“What is Gordon like?” I ask.
“Oh, he wears plaid shirts and he always has a pipe with him. He likes to blow circles of smoke out of it.”
“Jimmy also likes plaid shirts and he loves to sit by the fire and tell funny stories. He drives a green VW. He’s a very good driver,” I decide.
“I’m going outside,” says Reet. She’s had enough town-planning today.

It is just as well that we have very few toys, so that we have no boundaries for what we imagine. We all live in this old farmhouse since my father and Helene and Reet’s parents have a started a business together. The farm is ten miles south of Montreal in an area where all the farms for miles around us belong only to French Canadians. We don’t have other playmates in the area, so there is no one to distract us from making our own world. I love living on the farm, since we can run with the wind, stare at the cows and chickens, jump in the hay and go into the woods right beside the farm. We live in the last farm on the right side of Lapinere Road. Across the road on the left side there are a couple more farms before the road ends. After that there is only a walking path into the woods. At the last farm they had twenty children, but they are all almost grown up. The parents are now raising huge pigs instead. We saw them. They looked bigger than the pens where they lived. We go into the woods every day. We have a tree which we can climb right to the top. We like to sit there and look around.

Every day we also play Apple Creek. Every day we plan our town. Soon we have teachers, a doctor, a dentist, etc.
“But have you seen Gloria Livermore?” I ask. “She is the town flirt. Did you see what she did when she went into the pharmacy to buy some chewing gum?”
“Why yes,” says Helene. “I was just outside about to go in when I saw her swaying up to Dick Tuttle, the guy who lives on the corner of Green and Lark. He was having trouble getting unstuck from her.”

The Famille La France live past Thornberry Crescent. They come to visit with their twelve unruly children who bounce around through the house until the four youngest decide they want to swim in our bathtub. They all jump into the tub together like it is a pool, splashing on everything on the top floor, including the family pet cat and dog.

There is so much happening in our town that we play this every day, sometimes for hours. My children Lily, Tõnu and Erik have developed personalities and with more clothes than just the ones with which they started. My mother had previously sewn a few things for Lily but now we sew things ourselves. When anyone comes to visit they bring us scraps of materials in all kinds of colours and textures. Lily and Helene’s Maggie now have skating outfits. The bottoms of their skirts are trimmed with little balls of cotton batten and so are their hats. Helene makes skates for them. She gets scraps of white leather from her mother and uses scissors to cut blades from Players cigarette boxes. She puts a leather inner sole into the skates so that the blades will not come through to their feet. Tõnu, Erik, Tarmo and Jüri all get football outfits made from scraps of fabric. Their shirts have numbers sewn in made of leather. They look like they can play on a real team.

After a while we put aside the dolls. We don’t need them anymore. Our families start growing up and we have other people in Apple Creek to talk about. Helene starts to write down some of our stories. She later gathers them into a little book. After my parents and I move elsewhere we continue to play Apple Creek over the phone. Or, if we are on a car trip, one of us starts a story, the other one continues and so on. I enjoy this since I never know where the story is going to end up.

The last time Helene and I talk about our Apple Creek families I am fifteen and Helene is 16. We have been playing this for six years. She says that her Maggie is going to London, England to study journalism and that was sign that we also were leaving Apple Creek behind.


Class Contacts Needed

If you are interested in representing your class year as Class Contact. Please contact Angus Cross at bluenoseangus@gmail.com.


WYLIE Patricia "Patti" (nee Burdon) - It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Patricia Burdon Wylie, born May 14th, 1948. Following a short but courageous battle with cancer she past peacefully while surrounded by her family on June 29th, 2018 at the age of 70. Loving wife, best friend and soulmate to Bruce Wylie for 50 years, adoring and devoted Mother to her four children, Heather, Christopher, Edward and Cathryn, along with Paoula Ziade and Anita Remport, who she adored and considered daughters. “Mama” was a proud and doting Grandmother to Shayne (Marie) and Tyler Dennison whom she loved more than words could describe. Patricia was always thinking of others before herself, she brought laughter, love and warmth to all who had the privilege to know her. She is gone too soon and will be forever missed by her family and friends..

Former member of the board of the alumni association. Active for 2005 All Year Reunion

Valerie Buchanan (Whiteford) Class of '73

Sadly, Valerie passed away on July 11, 2018 in Kanata, Ontario. She was predeceased by her husband, Robert Buchanan, in 2005. She leaves behind two sons. Below is a memory I posted online.

Submitted by Nancy MacGregor C'73

My sincerest heartfelt condolences to Geoff, Matt and the entire Buchanan and Whiteford families. Val was one of those "forever" friends that I was most fortunate to first meet many years ago in Grade 3 at Preville School. We remained best friends throughout our school years, and despite our respective moves out of province in different directions, we never lost touch. She was one of those friends you could go for months without talking to, but then spend hours with on the phone one day, as if no time had passed at all. We shared in all the milestones of our families and supported each other through the good times and the bad. But we never failed to always have a few good laughs. I will miss those calls so very much. From the start, Val was honestly the most considerate person I had ever known, and that never changed; I remember just how concerned she was about ME when she had to break the news to me just how ill she was. Throughout all her many misfortunes in life (and she had far more than her fair share), she also became the bravest person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She faced all her challenges with a grace, dignity and optimism that was truly awe-inspiring. I hope Geoff and Matt can take comfort in the knowledge of just how special and loved their mom was. She will be sorely missed.

Bruce Morrison
CCHS Class of 1954

If you notice an obituary of a classmate in your local paper
please forward details to Angus Cross at bluenoseangus@gmail.com.

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Drive safely on our nation's highways

There was an explosion at
a cheese factory in France.
De brie...everywhere.