Remembrances from our Alumni. Many of these stories have appeared in past issues of The Alumni Connection.

The Great Depression

By Lorne Perry C’49 – Born in 1931, at the real start of the Great Depression, I spent my growing up years in and around St.Lambert, Quebec. This was a dormitory community of about 6,000 people. The majority of its workforce found gainful employment in Montreal, that is, when they could find it.

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Pool Days

By Andy Little C’53 – I’ll never forget the first time I entered the old pool hall above the Victoria Theatre in St. Lambert. The dark interior was illuminated by glowing expanses of green felt. There was a hushed silence to the place. The only sounds – the sharp click of ball hitting ball, the distinctive thud when one of those balls landed squarely in a pocket and, of course, the occasional curse.

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Haiti Earthquake – Jan 12, 2010

By Beverley Walker (Lowe) C’77 – It was awful. I’ll try to start from the beginning of the quake, but I’m sure I’ll jump all over the place. There is so much in my head. My emotions are all over the place. The feeling of helplessness, the despair, the pain of the people, the poverty, the suffering, too many thoughts…

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Vancouver Olympics – A Volunteer’s Story

By Dave Erskine C’63 – My decision, at 60, to drop out of the rat race and begin taking my retirement in chunks by working part time and the fact that I have a brother-in-law living in Vancouver offering a place to stay made the dream of participating in an Olympics as a volunteer a real possibility.

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No Place Like Home

By Laurie Mackenzie C’89 – Before I visit my home town of Saint-Lambert, Que, a spring enters my step. My mother still lives there, so the joy of seeing her doubles the pleasure of going home.

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More CCHS Bands

By Various Contributors – Last month’s post by Alan Hardiman C’68 entitled CCHS Bands of the Late 60’s has elicited further recollections from our Alumni. So here are more CCHS Bands from the 50’s, 60’s & 80’s.

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CCHS Bands of the Late 60’s

By Alan Hadiman C’68 – Café Twilight was a regular Friday night happening in the St. Barnabas hall behind the church. Café Twilight most likely started in the fall of ’66, I know it went until spring of ’68, but am not sure if it started earlier or went longer. Since this chapter in the life of CCHS and St. Lambert hasn’t appeared anywhere on the website yet, let me start the story.

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The 1953 Yearbook

By Seaforth Lyle C’53 – I was struck by a wave of nostalgia. There I was lying on my back in the pool on the ms Noordam in the Mediterranean heading for Croatia not thinking about much, but it suddenly came to mind that in a few weeks my sixty year mark since graduating from CCHS will end. Amazingly, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, but I remember 1953 at CCHS as if it were yesterday.

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St. Lambert English Schools 1857-2007

By Jack Anderson, C’71 – The City of St. Lambert has seen dynamic growth and significant demographic changes over its 150-year history, and the history of the City’s English schools have evolved over time to meet the educational needs of its English-speaking residents.

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CCHS Graduation 1953

By Andy Little C’53 – When I try to recall details from my high school graduation ceremony a few impressions remain, like half-melted ice cubes in a watered-down drink. We were seated on the stage of the gymnasium, facing the audience. I know I received more applause than I deserved when the principal, E.Y. Templeton, handed me my diploma.

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