Remembrances from our Alumni. Many of these stories have appeared in past issues of The Alumni Connection.

The Blue Bus

By Ed Wood C’60 – Most of us air force kids who had fathers stationed at Air Defense Command, St. Hubert, Quebec back around 1958-60 had a number of options for our secondary schooling. We were privileged to get an education. Many of us took our schooling on the airbase for school grades up to the end of Grade Nine. Thereafter we had to go to either CCHS in St. Lambert or to Montreal High to complete our Matriculation.

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St. Lambert Curling Club

By Harvey Carter C’60 – The concept of curling in St. Lambert started in early 1954 after Harold Atkins, columnist and Sports Editor, and George Clark (1932), of Clark Travel fame, attended a Canadian Legion get together at St. Anne de Bellevue Curling Club.

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Tackle by Millligan

By David Baxter C’60 – Without doubt, I was the most run over defensive halfback ever to play midget football. Steve Montague, our coach, looked upon this poor football misfit and assigned me to defensive halfback and back up quarterback. The star of the team, John Milligan played first-string quarterback. John was one of my best friends…

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By Angus Cross C’60 – While I have enjoyed Andy Little’s Flashbacks on growing up and coming of age in St. Lambert, I must point out that many of us did not fit that mould. I know that I was not alone in moving to St. Lambert from another area, and suddenly having to cope with a new town and school.

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Pine Ave

By Carolyn MacDonald (Vance) C’58 – “It takes a village to raise a child.” That African saying could well have been penned by St. Lambert residents, and more specifically by those who lived on Pine Avenue, between Green and L’Esperance Streets “My Village”, during the years 1945 to ’55.

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Class of 58’s Trip to New York City

By Janis Johnston Cotter C’58 – Our class was CCHS’s first to have a Senior Class trip. An American friend, who had attended our school for a couple of years before returning to Philadelphia wrote and told me of her school’s plans for a Senior Class trip to New York City which was sort of an annual tradition there. At that time my perception was that US high schools had more fun (spawned no doubt by Hollywood movies) and wished we could do the same. Then I dared to think, “Why couldn’t we?”

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Return to St. Lambert

By Warren Mackenzie C’57 – What’s new in St. Lambert? Quite surprisingly, a lot. The many changes we noticed to have taken place in St. Lambert during the four years since our last visit were very surprising, and in fact, we both felt St. Lambert appears to really ‘be on the move’.

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CCHS Dances in 1957

By Catherine Weeks (Glen) C’57 – Dances fifty years ago at CCHS were always held in the gym and included a Sock and Sweater Hop, the Grad Dance, a Christmas Dance with the music of Eaton’s Band Box, a Now or Never Hop, and the popular Sadie Hawkins Dance to which the girls invited the boys.

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Brrr! Winter

By Wendy Plumb (Irvine) C’57 – It’s the winters that I remember most about St. Lambert. Now, that was winter! After moving to Toronto in ’68 and not having to wear snow boots after January, it was quite a contrast from growing up in the Montreal area.

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The Cobra Did It

By Virginia Carter C’54 – I didn’t get to India until I was well along in life. That’s because Dad forbade me to go. He had spent almost 3 years in India during WWII and, while he had learned many things and had many experiences, he also almost died, which may be why he had a jaundiced view of the country.

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