2020 Reunion Information & Tickets

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Reunion News

Alumni Association 2020 Reunion

Friday, May 15 & Saturday, May 16
(Sunday the 17th is get away day with no official events planned)


  1. Friday morning golf at St. Lambert Golf Club
    2. Registration at the High School Friday, 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
    3. Meet, Greet & Eat, 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM with Bar Service, Finger Food with reminiscing, reconnecting and sharing your stories.
    4. Saturday morning walking tour – see the old St. Lambert you remembered and some of the very new sights.
    5. Saturday 1:00 PM - Variety Show with Bar Service and free snacks.
    6. Saturday 6:00 PM - Dinner at the High School
    7. Saturday 9:00 PM - Dance
    8. No ecumenical service at the School but local churches will be happy to see you.
    9. Breakfast/Brunch at Kapetan’s – you are on your own - say your good byes.

Ticket Sales

Passport Tickets go on sale December 1st, 2019


Member Passports

Advanced Member Passport - $100 - Offer expires Dec. 31
Advanced Member Passport with golf - $140 - Offer expires Dec. 31

Member Passport - $105 - Price after Dec. 31
Member Passport with golf - $145 - Price after Dec. 31

Non-Member Passports

Passport - $110 on sale Dec. 1
Passport with golf - $150 on sale Dec. 1

Events – a la carte

Meet, Greet & Eat - includes registration - $35 on sale Dec. 1
Variety show with snacks - $20 on sale Dec. 1
Saturday Dinner - $45 on sale Dec. 1
Saturday Dance - $15 on sale Dec. 1
Friday morning golf - $40 on sale Dec. 1

Some things you should know:

Space for golf is very limited and reservations will be on a first come first served basis

We are aiming for attendance of 500 however, to make the Reunion work, we need at least 350 people to show up. If we don’t hit this critical mass by April 1st and it seems unlikely we will reach that number, we reserve the right to cancel the event. If that happens your money will be refunded.

We try to ensure that the reunion is a money making event. The small profit we generate is used to fund our school bursary program, special projects at the school, maintenance of the web site and production of the newsletter. If you can’t come to the reunion you can always make a donation to the Association – any amount would be greatly appreciated.

The Saturday afternoon Variety Show will be looking for and signing up acts. If you would like to participate and have any talent, be it musical, standup comedy, dance, juggle or whatever you can contact Bernie Praw at: berniewarp@gmail.com.

We will also be looking for volunteers to help during the two weeks immediately prior to and during the Reunion weekend. If you can lend a hand contact Harvey Carter at 450-923-8045 or email: harveycarter363@gmail.com.

Member Passports

Member Passport $105

Member Passport with golf $145

Non-Member Passports

Non-Member Passport $110
Non-Member Passport with golf $150

Events – a la carte

Meet, Greet & Eat $35 includes registration
Variety show $20 includes snacks
Saturday Dinner $45
Saturday Dance $15
Friday AM Golf $40